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  • Squirrels enter homes looking for a place to store food and make nests

  • They love to scratch, chew and bury things. In a home atmosphere they will chew wires, move insulation, destroy wood and cause other interior damage.

  • They often settle in attics, drop ceilings, walls, crawl spaces and basements.

  • They enter through roof gaps, holes in siding, chimneys and other places where construction material can be easily removed or opened up.

  • Homes with trees where branches touch or are very close to the roof  are especially prone to squirrel invasions.

  • Evidence of squirrels in your home include loud noises, scratching, clawing, nut and seed shells, nest-like cavities.

  • Michigan is also home to Flying Squirrels which cannot fly, per se, but have a webbing between their front and back legs which allows them to glide short distances. They are often mistaken for bats.

    squirrel prints

squirrel nest


    squirrel droppings

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